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What is this all about?

SharePoint Security Configuration management is one of the pain points for the SharePoint farm Administrators. Lack of inbuilt tools to review the current state of security makes it difficult to maintain the security across farm, spanning numerous servers and in layers such as Site Collection, Site and sub-sites. SharePoint Configuration Review tool aims to provide information to Farm Administrators in real time making SharePoint Security robust and in-line with industry best practices.

How this works?

This tools runs on one of the SharePoint server farm node and is developed as a stand alone windows executable. Just extract the binaries and run the tool

How can I get it?

 You can download basic version from Downloads page. Screenshots

Basic vs. Pro

Basic version is freely available via codeplex. We also have a pro version with lot many checks. To know more about pro version please leave us a message. We will get back to you.

How can you contribute?

Tool works on set of security rules and then automate those rules. If you know of any rule which is important from security perspective and is not part of our tool, feel free to message us or start a new discussion thread.

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